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Main » 2012 » December » 26 » Metals backed economic system
7:18 AM
Metals backed economic system

We are witnessing the Chapter 7 liquidation of the corporate United States and the birth of a metals backed economic system. The liquidation of this behemoth is a huge task which will not be accomplished over night and will require us to suffer the existence of a dual economic/banking system during the transition. The new metals backed currency and banking system already exists and is operational. The bulk of the funding is within this new system and is a currency of value and substance. This is the currency of our future; A future without debt; A future of abundance and prosperity. If at all possible this currency of value should not be used for the satisfaction of any "Federal Reserve Note based debt”. Not to say that this would not satisfy the debt. Indeed it would, but, why should one give a currency of value to satisfy a dubious debt created out of thin air. Certainly the banks hope that we do indeed give them our currency of value as satisfaction of their fictional debt. Do not cast your pearls before the swine!

                The packs contain a ‘Federal Reserve Bank’ card or check/ checking account and routing number, for the discharge of all FRN based debt, thereby transferring the debt back to the IMF, et al whence it came. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, so to speak. This is an important part of the redemption of property process of the liquidation of the old financial system. It is important that the debt be ‘returned to ground’ releasing the blocked energy. Once the debt has been fully transferred/ discharged and the property of the American people has been fully redeemed, the corporate UNITED STATES will be dissolved, returning us to the republic of America and the natural flow of energy which is required for the return to a healthy and vibrant earth.

                These ‘FRB’ cards /checks represent a pass through account for the discharge of debt and are routed through a unique ABA Routing # issued to a ‘national banking association’ with the authority to issue notes, and other instruments, for the purpose of redeeming the private property of the American people which has been placed at risk to collateralize the U.S. bankruptcy.

                You are requested to create a personal data base to record the "legal description” of the redeemed property for collection and integration into a state and/or national data base(s) which will/may be created in the near future. [ to be determined by the leaders of the new republic]. This pertains mainly to real property and is not required for autos/trucks/etc. We further request that you obtain an ‘abstract title’ back to and including the land patent for all redeemed property. Now is the time for every American to do his/her part in the redemption of our private property and the return of the republic. A small price to pay for the discharge of debt and redemption of our property.

                The recipients will soon be in a position to cast your vote as to which banks will be allowed to serve the American people in the future. Our Recipient deposits will decide who lives and who dies in the world of banking. Some suggest that we all bank off shore and the heck with all American banks. I, with all due respect, disagree with this way of thinking. We, as Americans, need banks in our own communities which will serve our needs and our communities. We are in a unique position to create our own future. We are in a position to create the banking system which serves us, our families and our communities. Off shore banks can’t do this for us, and to be very honest, have all been up to their necks in the corrupt world economic system these past 75 years, so don’t start thinking they are all lily white all of a sudden.

May I suggest that you look into local and/or regional banks which are better established to serve us and our needs. We hold the key to their survival, our deposits; real currency of value. Do not underestimate the power that we now hold to create our own future, including the banking system that serves our interest rather than the interest of the banks and/or corporations.

The sooner we discharge the debt and redeem the property of the American people, the sooner we shall become a free and independent people one more time.

Recipients. Please take note that for a few exceptions, these funds do not belong to us. We are but fiduciaries/guardians of the funds responsible for overseeing their proper use and/or distribution. For the most part you have been chosen as a recipient because the Universe believes you to be evolved enough to be a staunch guardian and enlightened co-creator of our future.

I will, in the near future, give you instructions on how to handle the redemption of autos, trucks, equipment, etc. from the corporate U.S. back to private America. Until then, may God bless. Enjoy life and prepare yourself to begin the process of co-creating our future in America.


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