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These 5 PDFs are all about Viktor Schauberger and vortex science





1) Living water 2) Balance in water. #3) Living Energies# 4) The Energy Evolution #5) The Water Wizard#







Magnetizing Non ferrous metals

Sonic Boiler

linear particle accelerator

Iapetus- Manufactured planet #

Free energy secrets

Manual for free energy #

Occult ether Physics #

Manuscript Vedic Metric #

Manuscript Vedic Metric II #



Rodin dark energy. Ether/Electricity 1906 this is a MUST READ.#

Vedic computer proofNegative Energy this is a MUST READ.#

Vedic Cosmology

Vedic science examples

Vedic Time calculation Ancient Hindu Geometry #


These 4 PDF’s explain all about the geometry for the flower of life and it’s relationship to True natural science

The Secret The Flower of Life (vol.1). The Alchemy Manual Vol I#

The-Secret-of-the-Flower-of-Life-Vol 2 The Alchemy Manual Vol II#










Scalar Waves Tesla physics Tuning coil secrets from Zero Point #

Robert Lawlor Sacred Geometry. #



God-and-Golem-Inc- Norbert Wiener.#

Vymanik Shastr Ancient fly machines

hutchisn Tesla science and cold melting steel.

Sympathetic Vibrational Physics - Dale Pond

Sacred Geometry


The Theory design and construction of induction coil. 1908

Induction coils, How to use make and repair them. 1907

Induction coils for the amateur coil builder

Faradic batteries and coils and galvanic batteries.

On radiant matter by William Crookes 1880s #

Daviss Manual of Magnetism 1857.

High Frequency guide late 1800s.

Electricity in medicine 1906

An example of frequency healing machines.





Davis and Kidders Magneto-electric machine.

The Truth About High Frequency

X Ray machines like you have never seen before

The Orgon accumulator hand book.

UFO technology

Freemason book on magnetism

Ozone Therapy

Static Healing

Magnetic Amplifiers



Quantum Physics hologram

Holographic universe and information.

the holographic universe

The holographic paradigm

The Holographic Universe.

The Holographic Paradigm and its adaptation to Psychological Anthropology

Physics of Advaita

Unification of physical and spiritual science

The Quantum Space Time Fractal Harmonic Codex Coral Castle.






There are 82 Adobe files on this site for you to go through if you are wondering where to start read the ones with the # next to them first.












Hitler escaped to the south pole


Bruce Cathie Grid harmonics 695




secret societies forbidden knowledge



The GeneroRadiative-Concept-or-The-Cyclic-Theory-of-Continuous-Motion-by-Walter-Russell #

The-Secret-of-Light-by-Walter-Russell #

dan-winter-1st-book-alphabet-of-the-hearth-sacred-alephabet About the language of light. #


Holographic life

Believing everything is connected

holographic universe Michael Talbot #




Here are a few more books you may find interesting on yourjourney into a new world.

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