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Main » 2012 » October » 3 » Money Is The Biggest Drug
4:10 PM
Money Is The Biggest Drug
Money Is The Biggest Drug

The love/lust of money is the root of all evil and we need to be capacitors of self
control. Lets reflect on the Executive Order of April 5, 1933 and HJR-192 (Public
Policy). The executive order removed all of the money, being substance, from society.
Money was tangible and it cast a shadow being gold or silver. Now that it has been
removed from society and Public Policy is now in effect with HJR-192, we cannot be
obligated to pay because it would take money to pay and because we have no money,
we are precluded from achieving that act. What you really have to do is a lot of
pondering about is this: Since we have no money in society, what is the purpose of my
life, because for all these years, all my time has been exchanged for paper, you need to
realize that the value of our economic system is not gold nor silver nor paper, but the
nuclear energy in our cells that allows us to produce. Kick the moneychangers out of
the temples of your lobes. Understand this: our money is paper; there is no substance
other than our willingness to help each other out. If you love money, just go open a
paper factory. This process is not about money but about being able to live without the
social constraints of a limited amount of negotiable paper i.e. Federal Reserve Notes. If
you work for paper, you really show how worthless you existence is, find a purpose for
your life, work because you like what you do, be productive to help you brother.
Operate your existence; don’t execute it by following the orders of a bookkeeper. This
process is not about money, it is about being able to get some semblance of control
over our lives so we can act on our own accord (providing we use our conscience).
The reason bills always write, "do not send cash, pay by check or money order,”
is because all of the money is drug money and that is why you have to have your
fiduciaries hold it. Many would say we should go back to a gold standard. Gold is a
substance that is in limited quantities just like cotton is a commodity. Federal Reserve
Notes are a commodity made of cotton. When dealing in a limited substance as money,
there will never be enough. The reason Federal Reserve Notes have buying power is
because there is a limited amount that people wage war for (the war of wages at the
auction block). The moment there is not enough money; someone must look to borrow
the money, only to go into dead/debt to pay the owed debt. Being a limited substance,
there will never be enough to pay back or to obtain the redemption. Look to the account
of Cain and Able to understand what happens with a limited substance. Cain took the
blessings that Able sponsored as the credit and when he had to return the blessings
from where they came from, as an executor he had to kill Able to surrender the
blessings. An executor must provide substance to pay for a debt, and with substance
there is always a limited quantity because it must be manufactured in commerce and
with the manufacturing, it takes someone to incur a debt to manufacture it. Because
substance is limited in quantity, it takes a redeemer to operate on intangible value
(paper, or even more specific= intangible energy at the atomic level) to redeem the
account to keep the executors from dying. The redeemer operates on an intangible
level because there is always more intangible than tangible, than needed creating a
surplus to prevent an execution from making up the deficiency. I pray that you look at
this process not for the paper that it can provide you because paper can’t pay anyways,
it can only provide a method to discharge and because we have no money in the
Page 8 of 95 October 17, 2000
system, don’t look at this process to be able to get any money (because there is no
money), it just allows you to operate in a paper economy. All the public money is soft
money because what you are doing is bribing the one to whom you are paying because
a debt cant be paid with a debt instrument, you just create more debt. So when you pay
are you just bribing them to keep you creditors off of your back, and are you really
redeeming the debt or just taking them to the Pub-lick where they can all get drunk off of
the debt instruments? Remembering that there is no money, what is the cost to what
we are doing, well here it is: You have to spend and invest your time because it just
takes time. It is a put and take, our time is all we have, and it is a limited resource (that
creates the risk liability that an insurance policy would be used for like Public Policy).
The reason money exists is to exercise as a "medium of exchange.” When the
medium is created it is a propellant for the less self-industrial to force them to enter the
workforce because of the use of money, they now have bills to pay. They work only to
pay bills. On the other side of the account is the person that is self-industrious. This
person sees money as a hindrance because the lack of it is a detriment to his
productivity. Look at Nikola Tesla, he was an incredible inventor and because he didn’t
have enough money to fund his inventions, we are still paying for electricity when he
found out how to take the energy out of the earth. To me, money is a deterrent because
I can’t find enough of it to do productive things with. I find that the lack of money really
hinders my performance. I don’t work to pay bills; those are side issues. I work
because I like what I do. When you work because you like what you do, money then
becomes secondary. Money for the busybodies is the same reason there exists
"withholding.” Withholding is not for people who are productive on their own but for the
busybodies. The reason withholding exists is so that when you spend 100% of your
effort into the industrial society, you only get back 91%, and needing an additional 9%,
you now work overtime thus having put into the account 109% to get back to 100% of
your effort to sustain yourself, see withholding is used to prime the economy with
"overtime” labor. What I am trying to show is that money as a "medium of exchange”
primes the account for those that are busybodies, and is a deterrent to those that are
productive. The purpose of money is because we would be over-producing every other
nation without it, so they limit it, which slows the economy down.
The same amount of energy you put into building a product is the same amount
of energy that the recipient will get out of it when they are asked "Did the product pay for
itself?” The moment the product was used, it paid for itself because the same amount of
energy used to build the object is the same amount of energy that is received from it in
it’s usefulness and resourcefulness, then there is no liability making the product debt
free (or Redeemed). The moment a regulator (money or other weight or measure other
than it’s own resourcefulness) is used against an object to value it; a debt is incurred
because now it has to live up to this artificial standard.
Look at yourself for the above example. You are priceless. The moment you say
I am worth $12.50 an hour, you just discounted yourself so much that the person paying
your wage (waging war) is so indebted to you, that they will never get out of debt or
obtain the redemption, which would be required from them a "just return” (a tax return)
Page 9 of 95 October 17, 2000
not of money (an artificial standard) but a remedy of the energy you need for your
sustenance. Remember this part, these last two paragraphs wrote about what is called
"The Note,” or "The Promise,” I will explain it latter. Remember this next part and you
will never go wrong; this is the context that I am writing to you, "Work to live, don’t live to
Examine this account I am going to give you and picture it in your head: You are
looking at a paper that has the Gross National Product of every nation in the world
comprising all of the industrial society. It has on it some massive number represented
by the statistics of each nation. Now picture this. You move the paper out of the way of
your feet and you look at your feet, now looking at the floor, look at the wall in front of
you. Seeing the wall, imagine you have X-Ray vision and you can see what is on the
other side of the wall. Your front yard, where you drive way is, is what might pop up in
your head. Now look to the street and then to the end of the street. Now look to the
end of the street where you enter a new county, continue to the end of the state, now
heading east, you come to the Atlantic Ocean, look at all of that blue, it is huge, now
you are traveling over a thousand miles an hour over the ocean. You come to Spain
and continue across Europe past all of the hills and lakes and enter into Asia, seeing
snow on the rolling hills, you come to the Japan, the end of Asia, and you see more
water. It is the Pacific Ocean; continue across the ocean over Hawaii and back to the
United States. Now back into your state and into your county onto your road and back
into your house but you can see the back of your head as you look around the earth.
After crossing the entire earth with all of the people and creations, can paper ever give a
close estimate of the intrinsic value of the earth? No. Paper will always fall short of the
intrinsic value. We have the reality we just circled, and we allow the paper to tell us
what it’s worth. Don’t bind/bond yourself to someone’s functional currency. Identify that
the real value of the world is not the "$” in life but the fulfillment of your purpose in life.
Once you see that, you will see the tool/earth that is before you. Things need to be
broken down to where the real value shows and that is at the atomic level.
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