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4:18 PM
Private & Public

Private & Public

There are only two types of jurisdictions in this entire universe, that which is

"Private Jurisdiction” and that, which is "Public Jurisdiction.” Every thing inside your

body is private because only you exist there and it is a very sanitary environment;

everything outside of you is the Public Jurisdiction and is full of filth. It is like when the

scriptures say "Sweat and Blood,” well, that is both jurisdictions. Sweat is public

because it shows how much work has been executed to your cells and Blood is internal

and is a fluid operation that gives life. All rights come from the right to privacy. What

makes this private is everybody keeps to his or her own business. In the public, as for

most people involved in "the good fight of faith” have come to a great understanding of

public court: "Don’t ask the devil to cast out the demons.” For those of you that haven’t

realized that public court is a waste of your time keep going, and I pray that you will

realize the feudal effort of raising your constitutional rights and lefts, j/k. The public has

no final remedy because you are relying on other people to fix your problems under

execution of law, and to provide the remedy, something must die. You are the biggest

problem to yourself. You have to get your thinking straight in your head before you will

ever find a remedy that will last. Only you can provide your remedy, don’t ask the public

to save you from them self. Remedy can only be found in a private jurisdiction and that

means in a sanitary environment, being your scull. The public jurisdiction is full of

instant gratification and lascivious filth. It is the saying "You can’t fix others, until you fix

yourself.” Well you are the solution to all of your problems. Your private existence is

where you internally get to make a judgment call. It is by your internal operation that

makes it private, not by the virtue of the paper.

There is no dividing line between public and private, it is all on how you mentally

perceive things, and by their operation as to what side they fall on. Just because you

say it is private, doesn’t make it that way, it is how you do it or operate it that makes it

that way and vise versa.

When things enter the public, they seem to get spun way out of control, probably

with the downward spiral of the public debt. To say it is private doesn’t necessarily

mean the information is restricted for negative purposes, probably only that to release

the information into the "public” would corrupt it because the people can’t responsibly

cope with the newness of liberties that comes with private understanding, there is a veil

over their hearts. That is why the Lord spoke in parables. It is because only those that

are supposed to understand at that time will.

Moses from Mt. Sinai first brought down the higher law/private side and when he

saw the people living such terrible lives, worshiping the golden "CAFR” (calf), he knew it

would have been a liability on his head if he were to disseminate the higher law to the

public masses so he went back up the Mount, and returned with the Mosaic Law/public

side because that was all the people could handle. Too many un-self constrained

liberties can wreak havoc on a people. The private side in its concept is that with the

newness of information, which increases liberties, that wise decision-making is done as

to not take away the liberties of others. The golden Rule is "Do unto others as you

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would have them do unto you,” is really what sums up the private thought. The private

side requires by its operation the discernment of consciences.

If you owe anybody money, you are public. The private owes no money to

anybody, as they are the source of the money. This means that when you act in

commerce and you accidentally make an offer, you have to provide a check or money

order (order for money) to get the other party a remedy. The accepting party must be

able to Pass Thru your name for the energy of their remedy to be made. Look at Pass

Thru this way: a check is a three party instrument, you are telling "A” to pay "B”, this is a

Pass Thru account because they have to use your name as the drawer of the funds to

provide the money to be moved from "A” to "B” and this cannot happen unless you are

in the middle. That is why when a person dishonors and won’t come forth with the offer

after your acceptance for adjustment, and provide a remedy, they loose their exemption

with you because you can’t Pass Thru their account to get their exemption and when

they don’t let you Pass Thru their account to get paid, they lose their exemption (due to

their dishonor/ the re-fuse boxing) until they settle with you. This means when you get a

letter, either demanding something from you (a public form of acceptance which

provides no remedy) or an acceptance letter of you action (a request or an acceptance

for value) both of which are trying to use your name to get their remedy you need to

accept it. When it is accepted, the claim made against you was returned to pay for

itself. Because we live in Public Policy, you cannot be obligated to pay, the most that

we can do is accept the paper as though it had value and turn it back on itself because

that is the extent of the obligation that Public Policy allows. When you accept an offer,

the Offeror must also allow it to Pass Thru his account by his acceptance of your

acceptance, when he has done this, he has technically accepted a bill drawn against

him and returned it to you for negotiation. Now that both parties have accepted what

has happened, neither party owes each other anything because the original acceptor

returned the claim for full settlement and the offer accepted the return. The debt has

been effectively redeemed. When a person continues to dishonor, he is not allowing his

exemption to pay for the request and because of that, he loses his exemption to be

private and now becomes public. When they don’t settle with you, they become public.

It is all based around Public Policy, bottom line is = We cannot be obligated to pay a

debt, the most we can be obligated to do is right up to payment, which means

acceptance and return. You have to do all you can (i.e. acceptance and return) and

then after that, mercy comes in being Grace because it is your exemption that makes

the payment. It is you inability to pay that pays for it, same as Grace.

The only way to sum up everything that is outside you body is to call it the

industrial society, it is all public works, the system, government, commerce, both fiscal

and calendar years, proprietors, corporations, trusts, banks, car dealers, license

holders, Titles of Nobility, manufactures, the courts, mutual funds, your friends,

nightclubs, and the like. It is all the industrial society.

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